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Made in America for Americans. Freedom Sleep's mattress is built with premium, American-made materials and designed for a great sleep. We start with a core of four comfortable layers that add up to 10" of solid sleep. 

Our mattress is made with five unique layers. We start with a circular knit cotton cover that stretches and breathes for a great feel. Under that are 2 inches of Avena® foam, super comfortable with a little bit of bounce. Then you get an inch and a half of premium memory foam followed by another inch and a half of transition foam to give you more comfort and support. These five inches of comfort are supported by a layer of super heavy duty foam. 

All those layers are Certi-PUR® certified and even the glue that holds them together is all-natural water based made in America. 

We have two unique styles to choose from - our Classic red, white, and blue or the stylish gray and white. Let us know which fits your home!

If you're ready for a great sleep - this mattress is for you!