Compare Us! Freedom Sleep vs. Casper

In the mattress world, Casper is a BIG DEAL. They started the big bed-in-a-box phenomena, raised millions and millions of bucks from venture capitalists and investment banks, and spend millions on advertising. (They must spend so much they had to raise their price from $850 to $950 a little while ago!) 

Now, they go on and on about doing a lot of research and such - we suppose it's similar to what we did working with our factory - trying different materials, combining different layers, and looking for a great feeling mattress. But we think we might just have beat Goliath to the punch with building a much better bed - especially since it's over $350 less! 

Here's a little side-by-side comparison of how we believe we stack up to the Casper: 

 We think that might say it all right there. Try us out - we KNOW you're going to love this bed!


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