A Review from a Police Officer

At Freedom Sleep we're proud to deliver a great bed to Americans who are working hard. We received this great review from a police officer in Ohio:

I am a police officer who works second and third shifts.  I am also a father and husband who carefully considers purchases while living on a budget.   So, quality sleep and a good value were my main concerns when it came time for me to need a new mattress.  I came across Freedom Sleep, a mattress company, on the internet....yes, the internet.  This company promised a high quality product at an affordable price.  In addition to that promise, the mattresses were made in the United States and shipped to your home.  I decided to take a chance and purchased one.  The results....I am 100% satisfied.  I cannot say enough how nice it is after a long shift to get into bed on a comfortable mattress.  No springs to stick out and no sinking.  I seriously get some high quality sleep and wake up refreshed.  The mattress is legit, and it didn't cost a ridiculous price.  The days of going to a mattress store and laying on a bunch of different mattresses while a salesperson stares at you are over.  I will definitely purchase from Freedom Sleep the next time I need a mattress. - SGT Chris B. 

Thanks Sergeant Chris! 



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